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The Anuaria Awards are made possible thanks to the participation of collaborating businesses, to the great communication work developed by official journals, and to the trust which is placed by different associations, professional colleges and design centres, year after year,  in these Awards.
These are the Spanish most renowned graphic design awards, which are unsubsidised by the administration, although they have achieved a great support in the sector. That’s why, they are widely spread and considered as a quality reference in that profession.
The Anuaria Award Jury is exclusively made by members of those professional associations.
    Vinsual has got an “Anuaria Selection” in the category related to the best packaging in Anuaria Awards 2014.
    Other selected products in the same category belong to well-known firms, such as Zara or Marcilla, and also important institutions as Barcelona F.C.  Really good news!!!! Thanks a lot Anuaria.
  • Vinsual in Packaging of the World and The Dieline

    Vinsual has reasons to celebrate. In October, two of the most influential and visited package design websites of the world "The Dieline" and "Packaging of the World" have published our wine. Many thanks!!

  • A wine to be watched. A wine as a gift. A wine with a message. Three phrases. A single speech. A Visual Wine letter of presentation that retrieves and updates the popular concept of Message in a Bottle 3.0, until it has been turned into the focus of a project which goes beyond what is originally seen.

  • VISUAL WINE and CALCCO come together to create Vinsual. An idea full of hidden messages, of codes to decipher that oblige the user to interact with the product just acquired. It must be customized, given sense and sent to another person who will also search inside to find the meaning of all these actions.

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