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What is Vinsual?


Nowadays, Internet and intelligent devices have become essential tools in our lives, creating new business models.

In the future, technology will be even more present and this poses greater challenges that change society and its ways of interacting. In this context we have created Vinsual as a way of personalizing the concept of a Message in a Bottle. Using Smartphone or Tablet we insert a text message or a video using a bottle of D.O.Ca Rioja as a means of communication. We thus obtain an exclusive present dedicated to the person who will receive it.

Communication without intermediaries means a direct heart-to-heart message. Communication between tradition and technology overcoming the barrier imposed by time and distance. Wine is the best way to keep time still; a way of cherishing it until the propitious moment.

This updating of the Message in the Bottle idea allows the user to include his own personalized message to fit the circumstances.

It is also very interesting as a service for Companies and Institutions as you can complement it with a professional individualized video as a present to clients and a commercial promotion which enhances the value of the Company.

Starting with the selection of the very best grapes we take care of all the details from the aging to the bottling with a modern, attractive and up –to- date design.

Vinsual is the combination of our culture and gastronomy together with years of study and professional experience in the world of wine, giving as a result the best ingredients which together with the effort and loving kindness which we bring to our work as enthusiasts of wine, afford a great result and a future full of possibilities.

Vinsual embodies as the fruit of a land and of our work, the possibility of increasing happiness and sharing it, converting those moments in celebration and triumph through the wine as a link between people.

  • Vinsual reserva

    We use with our wines by means of interactive labels, with which the user can interact with the product and so, it is a 100% customized product.

  • After many months of work we can say that we have finally finished the first part of a project we hope will last a long time.

    We wish to thank everyone who has been involved and especially the large family of Visual Wine. Cheers!!!!

  • Vinsual

    We have created Vinsual as a way of personalizing the idea of a Message in a Bottle. Using a Smartphone or Tablet we insert a text or video using a bottle of wine as the means of sending the message. In this way, we obtain an exclusive present dedicated to the person it is meant for.

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