How It Works



Step 1

Scan the QR code inside the PURCHASER’S INSTRUCTION card. Tap “TEXT” or "IMAGE" icon and then write your message in the boxes. Finally, tap “OK”.
Scan QR code Select your message type - Text Write your message in the text box Select your message type - Text and image Select an image from your device and write your message in the text box

Option 2: VIDEO

Step 1

Record a video with your Smartphone or Tablet. Or you can even order a professional video. You can get an outstanding result.

Record a video

Step 2

Select your video. Then tap YouTube to upload the file.

Upload video to YouTube

Step 3

ANDROID/iOS: Select “Privacy settings” and choose “Unlisted”. This video can only be viewed by people who receive this wine.

Select unlisted privacy –ANDROID Select unlisted privacy –iOS

Step 4

Once the video is just uploaded, press the "share" icon. Copy the link. Scan the QR code placed inside “PURCHASER’S INSTRUCTIONS” card. Select VIDEO. Paste the link maintaining the video box pressed a few seconds.

Share from YouTube Share from YouTube Copy the link Scan QR code Select your message type - Video Video box to paste the link

Step 5

Your message is ready to be added. Preview the recording before tapping OK. Once it is accepted, there will be no possibility of changing it.

Video preview

Step 6

Finally, tear this card out in order not to reveal the mystery.

Tear the card out


Step 1

Download the free “Vinsual” app available on the App Store and on the Google Play.

Download Vinsual App available on the Google Play Vinsual Android Application Download Vinsual App available on the Apple Store Vinsual iOS Application

Step 2

With the “Vinsual” app scan the QR code you will find inside the “ADRESEE’S INSTRUCTIONS” card in the CRIANZA and BLANCO bottles. Whereas on the RESERVA bottle, with the same app you must scan directly on the QR code placed on the label.

Scan QR code inside the card Scan QR code of the label

Step 3

Finally, place your device over the label of the bottle and watch...

Discover the message Discover the message
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