General conditions of visual wine’s contract of sale

Conditions of Sale on the Visual Wine web

These General Conditions of Sale (henceforth General Conditions) regulate the process of buying and selling the products offered by VISUAL WINE in the catalogue available on the web page

The General Conditions bind VISUAL WINE and the buyer, authorizing a series of rights and obligations, from the moment in which the buyer makes an order via this page. The General Conditions must be honoured and accepted by both parties, so that the acceptance of these conditions is necessary in order to formalize an order. For this reason, the Client must carefully read these conditions.

The sale of products to underage people is prohibited.

The headings of the different clauses are only informative and do not affect, qualify and amplify the interpretation of the General Conditions.

These General Conditions will be regulated by the current legal norms.

1. Parties to the contract

IGNACIO OCHOA ARRONIZ is the holder of the web

Owing company:
CIF. (TIN): 16.575.733 R
· E-mail:
· Phone: + (34) 941 440 520

A Customer is considered to be any user (person or entity) of the web page who makes an order and accepts the same at the time of ordering.
The Client must register as such and is obliged to facilitate the following information in order to fulfil the order: Name and surname/s, Company’s name, TIN/ID CARD NUMBER, Billing address, Delivery address, Contact telephone number, e-mail.
This information will be treated in accordance with the conditions of access and use of the web page (“Legal Notification” section) and in the section “Privacy Policy”.

2. Object of the contract

The transaction between VISUAL WINE and the Client of the products which are offered by VISUAL WINE on its web page. VISUAL WINE sells to the customer and this customer buys from VISUAL WINE the product specified in the invoice. These products are distributed by VISUAL WINE and are the subject of the contract.

3. Offers

Each product has a file entry in which there is a description and the sales price with VAT.

The final price of the product or handling and delivery expenses may vary according to the destination or the method of payment, since this depends on the geographical zone where the goods are sent, the cost may vary. There may be also different prices according to the discount offers. In any case, as the Client indicates the delivery address and the method of payment, the page will offer the exact price of the product at each stage. Before confirming the order, the Client will be perfectly informed of all the costs and prices.

In most cases the file entry of a product will have, at least, a photograph as well as its characteristics and description.

The final price of the product is that which appears on the web page at the moment of ordering, once the payment method and the delivery address have been established.

On the other hand, sales realized by persons or companies that are domiciled in any of EU countries will be subject to VAT. The purchases made by those subject to VAT, established in any of the community countries will be exempt when they send beforehand by any written means a copy of the Tax Identification Number. The purchases made by persons, both physical and juridical resident in countries that are not members of the EU, the Canary Islands or Ceuta or Melilla will be exempt for VAT: any customs expenses that could apply due to transport of the products from the country of origin to the destination one will be payable by the Client unless otherwise agreed.

4. Acceptance of the offer

Acceptance is produced just the moment in which the Client gives the expressed consent to the order and after the acceptance of the General Conditions. And it materializes on accepting these General Conditions and on making payment by means of the chosen options.

In the moment of making the payment, the Client formalises the contract of sale with VISUAL WINE, acquiring the rights and obligations established in the applicable regulations, and those established in these General Contractual Conditions.

5. Payment of the orders

VISUAL WINE offers the Client different methods of payment, among which may be found:
• Online credit card payment. VISA/MASTERCARD
• Bank transfer

VISUAL WINE may expand or reduce the number of methods of payment at all times.

The Client will select the way of payment chosen from those available at the time of the purchase.

1. Online credit card payment

The Client may choose payment by credit card, and credit card charges will be made at the time of purchase. We will only accept Visa and MasterCard protected by Verified VISA. If the Client’s card is not registered with Verified, he/she should consult his/her Bank to register it.

The system will automatically calculate the shipping costs associated with the method of payment chosen by the Client and this total price will be communicated before the acceptance of the order by the Client.

2. Payment by Bank transfer

Once the Client has selected payment by Bank transfer at the end of the purchasing process, he/she will receive the instructions and indications to complete the payment. The Client will have 5 natural days to complete the payment by this means.

In the concept of transfer, the order number should appear as well as the person or company who is placing the order.

If after 5 natural days the Client has not made the payment or does not do so in accordance with the indications of VISUAL WINE, the order will be cancelled.

3. Other forms of payment

If you order a bulky purchase or you wish to be a distributor of VISUAL WINE, you should contact us on telephone number + 34 941 440 520 or at the following e-mail

6. Shipping

Once VISUAL WINE has made all the verifications and processing of the order, we will proceed to send it. The delay may be longer or shorter depending on the method of payment selected.

The order will be distributed in insulating and anti-breaking packaging in order to avoid variations in quality, defects or damages.

The estimated time of delivery once the order has left our warehouse is 24/48 hours in Spain (see other transport conditions).

For each order we apply delivery charge rates which will vary depending on the weight and are established in the following table:

Shipment to Spain (Peninsula) – Delivery 24 hours

1-20-4 Kg5,95
3-546-100 KgFree shipment
+55+100 KgConsult conditions

Shipment to Balearic Islands – Delivery 24 hours

1-20-4 Kg8,35
3-546-100 KgFree shipment
+55+100 KgConsult conditions


Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, rest of European Unión countries and export for the rest of the world

The buyer must be authorized to buy goods subjet to excise duties such as the wine. Ask for condition sending an e-mail to: or by phone (+34)941-440520.

The Client will receive with each order, either inside the package or with the product, an invoice. In some cases, this will be sent via e-mail or ordinary mail.

If at the moment of delivery it can be seen visible and clearly without the necessity of manipulating the packaging or the packaging of the product that the product has defects caused by damage during transport or in the same way, it can be seen that there is an error in the goods received, the Client should note this on the shipping delivery note and communicate this fact to VISUAL WINE e-mail (sent to during the following 24 hours after receiving the goods, in order to demand the return of the affected product and thus the substitution for a new one or the return of the price paid for the same. Or refuse to accept it.

The defects produced during transport that are only visible after unpacking the product, should be communicated during the first 24 hours after accepting the order by email sent to, indicating the damage or defects caused to the product and asking for the return of the affected product and the substitution by a new product or by refunding the price paid for the same.

7. Cancellation of orders

If the Client is not satisfied of his/her purchase, he/she has 14 days to return the order and obtain the full price of the products. For this, the Client must contact the online sales department who will indicate the procedure to follow.

The return products must be in perfect conditions without marks of use and in the original packaging.

The return expenses in case of return of defective products or mistaken shipping will be accepted by VISUAL WINE. In case of rejection, they will be charged to the client, so shipping charges will be paid by the customer.

When the Client has exercised the right to rejection or resolution, VISUAL WINE will be obliged to refund the sums or price paid by the Client as soon as possible and in any case in the maximum period of 30 days after the rejection or resolution.

8. Obligations of the client

The Client must read the present General Conditions before accepting the order.

The Client must respect the General Conditions once payment is accepted.

The Client must pay the agreed price at the moment of payment.

9. Obligations of visual wine

If it is possible, the shipment of goods in the conditions that have been agreed with the Client, and the delivery of the product in good conditions at the required address.

To respect the price of the goods agreed at the moment you place the order.

10. Rights of the client

If products are received, they should be received in the agreed conditions and with no defects.

The immediate return of any quantity anticipated to the company, in case the company cannot supply the products in the conditions required.

To cancel the order in any of the situations established in these General Conditions apply.

The Client will also be responsible for the correct use of the tools for recording and editing the videos in which are associated with each bottle of wine through a unique code. The Clients will have no rights to request the return of money paid for the misuse or lack of care regarding these tools.

11. Rights of visual wine

To receive payment for the orders.

To modify the established prices for its products on its webpage.

To modify the delivery dates of the products depending on the availability of the same.

To cancel orders due to non-payment by the Client.

To cancel the webpage without notice.

12. Notifications

For notifications, requirements and documents of any type connected with the present contract, the domicile of VISUAL WINE will be understood to be that indicated in the present General Conditions.

13. Validity of clauses

Even though any clause of the present contract or one of its parts is declared to be invalid or inapplicable, the rest of the clauses or its parts will continue to be valid.

The period of validity of these conditions will be the period of time they remain published on the web and they will be applied to the services acquired at the moment in which these conditions are available.

14. Applicable regulations

The present General Conditions are governed by the current Spanish legislation and specifically by: the Civil Code Law 26/84 of 19 June (General Law on the Defence of Consumers and Users). Law 7/96 of 15 January on a Regulatory Framework for Retail Trade. Directive 2000/31/EC of the EU Parliament and of the Council of 8 June. Law 34/2002 of 11 July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce. Law 23/2003 of 10 July, on Guarantees in the Sale of Consumer Goods and the regulations that apply.

15. Modifications to the contractual conditions

VISUAL WINE may modify the present Conditions and/or clauses whenever it considers that just a cause exists. With expository and non-limitative character. This circumstance exists when the range of products offered to the Clients is extended or the existing products are improved or the modification, the substitution or updating of prices of the products offered.
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